Who We Are

Kelvin Tam CPA, PFS, CFP™, CDFA, is the managing director and founder of US Abroad Advisors. He graduated from Hofstra University in New York and gained his professional experience at Deloitte (Hong Kong and U.S.) and Ernst & Young (U.S.), acquiring over 12 years of experience serving personal financial needs of very affluent individuals. Believing that the needs of affluent and wealthy individuals can best be served by a small, boutique, financial planning firm, he founded US Abroad Advisors in Hong Kong.

Kelvin brings to the table a special combination of breadth of knowledge (both in the US and HK), irrefutable trust, and a level of caring about his clients that, when taken as a whole, is difficult if not impossible to find anywhere else.

Kelvin earned the following professional credentials:

Certified Public Accountant (New York State)
Certified Financial Planner™ (United States)
Personal Financial Specialist (AICPA)
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (United States)

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